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Beranda » PDT » TC26 3gb/32gb
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TC26 3gb/32gb

Rp 8.000.000 Rp 9.500.000
Hemat Rp 1.500.000
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Kategori PDT

TC26 3gb/32gb

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TC26 3gb/32gb

The ultimate cost-effective touch computer built for small and big business
If you’re considering purchasing low-cost mobile phones for your workers, step up to the TC21/TC26 Touch Computers — without stepping up in price. Help your workers access the data they need to act more efficiently. With multiple configurations at different price points, you pay only for the features your workers need, including connectivity — the Wi-Fi-only TC21 for workers inside the four walls or the Wi-Fi/cellular TC26 for workers out in the field. New options include best-in-class 2.2 GHz computing power to maximize application performance, a protective boot for more demanding environments and the ability to turn these devices into a complete workstation in seconds. And powerful new Zebra Mobility DNA™ solutions expand data capture capabilities and simplify device management for any size deployment. The TC21/TC26 Touch Computer — right sized, right featured, right price.

A new level of features for a value-priced device

  1. Lighweight right-sized small design
  2. Android familiarity
  3. Large 5-inch high definition advanced touchscreen
  4. Built fot business
  5. The power to run all your applications
  6. All the wireless connections you could ever need
  7. Digital wallet support for contacless transactions
  8. Superior voice quality and functionality
  9. Capture it all with a high resolution 13 MP rear camera
  10. The right maintenance plan for the right price
  11. LifeGuard-a lifetime security guard for android
  12. Extensive business-class accessory family

TC26 3gb/32gb

Berat 300 gram
Kondisi Baru
Dilihat 259 kali
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